Junhwan Paul Kang
Junhwan Paul Kang is the co-founder of Travel & Urban Tech Startup, Stepinto.city, He is responsible for stepinto.city's overall vision and strategy as well as day-to-day operations. Since the beginning, Junhwan Paul has focused on simplicity and inspiring creativity through clarifying the structure and product management. prior to Stepinto.City, He founded Cosmic StatioN, Entrepreneurial Community which is conglomerate of multinational entrepreneurs, creators, and designers from around the globe. As one of the members, He has designed the colossal projects and connections with no boundaries to help government, enterprise companies, startups and entrepreneurs for over 10 years in Seoul, New York, and San Francisco. He still works as Seed Bomb program at Cosmic StatioN. in the meantime, His experience and passion lead him launches a new type of career Combo-coach program, J.Paul and friends to develop global career dedicated to over 40 aged professionals.
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