Steven Ward

Hi! I'm Steven and I teach the Introductory US Politics course here on Educast.

After finishing graduate school (M.P.A. University of Missouri--Columbia) and working for the State of Missouri as a Performance Auditor (making sure other government agencies are following the rules), I decided to come to South Korea for an adventure. That was ten years ago. Now I teach Korean students about the US political system in a way that helps them connect the topic with their own lives.

I am very excited to be publishing my first course on Educast, and I have plans to publish a couple more as soon as possible. Thank you!

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This course will introduce the basics of the US government and political system specifically for Korean learners. An intermediate level of English is expected. However, I rely on Wikipedia during the screencast lectures and I show you how to use Wikipedia to read the materials in Korean if you wish.

I have a master's degree in Public Administration from the University of Missouri-Columbia, experience working inside the state government as a performance auditor, and five years of experience teaching college students in my adopted home, Korea, about the system in my homeland.

This course briefly introduces the history of North America before the founding of the United States then begins discussing the US constitution and the three branches of government. You will understand things that many Americans themselves do not understand, such as the electoral college and how foreign policy is influenced by interest groups.

I want you to know that my goal is not to convince you that the US' role in the world is either good or bad. My goal is to help you understand how the system works.


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Section 1: Course Introduction
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Section 2: North America before the United States
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Section 3: The Constitution
Articles of Confederation
Founding Principles

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